Canadian Drivers Less Likely to be Involved in DUI Accidents in US

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Canadian motorists in the United States are much less likely to be involved in DUI accidents than native drivers. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy and Columbia University analyzed fatal accidents in the United States. They found that drivers with Canadian licenses were involved in fewer DUI accidents than drivers with U.S. licenses are.

When the researchers analyzed fatal car accidents, they found that alcohol was a factor in 27% of crashes involving American and Mexican drivers. However, when they looked at accidents involving Canadian drivers, they found that DUI was a factor in only 11% of the accidents. Additionally, researchers also found signs of impaired driving in 23% of American and Mexican drivers who were involved in fatal accidents, and in just 8% of Canadian drivers involved in fatal accidents.

The research does turn up a few surprises for Los Angeles DUI defense lawyers, particularly because of previous research that indicated that foreign-born drivers in any country are much more likely to be involved in a DUI accident than local drivers. The results are also surprising because the rate of DUI accidents in Canada is very similar to drunk driving accident rates in the United States.

One of the theories for this difference in DUI involving Canadian and American drivers is that many Canadian drivers involved in accidents in the United States are probably here on business, which may prevent them from indulging in reckless driving practices like driving under the influence. Additionally, Canadian-licensed drivers are also less likely to be involved in accidents at night, which is when most intoxicated driving takes place.