Driver Gives Testimony in Nick Adenhart DUI Accident Trial

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There’s never a shortage of DUI accident trials in and around the city for a Los Angeles DUI attorney to discuss.  However, the trial of Andrew Gallo, the young man accused of killing budding Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart in a DUI accident last year, has grabbed extra attention. 

First, there was the fact that just a few hours before the accident, Adenhart had pitched several spectacular innings at a game in Anaheim.  Then, an Orange County judge ruled that evidence showing that the driver of the car that Adenhart was traveling in at the time of the accident, was also driving under the influence, was not admissible because it was not relevant.

The trial which began this week, has had Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys riveted.  For the lawyers defending Gallo, it wasn't a good start at all.  Soon after the ruling that the defense attorney could not use evidence that the driver of Adenhart car was drunk at the time, the defense attorneys had been developing theory involving a building that had possibly obstructed Gallo's vision while driving.  The judge ruled that the jury will not hear this account either.  Among other things, the attorneys for Gallo have also tried to introduce evidence that the accident was caused by whoever ran the red light.  The only spark of hope for Gallo at this point, is that there is no confirmation about who ran the red light just before the accident.

It doesn't help a DUI defense attorney much when the person you are charged with defending has been accused of killing a star baseball player who played for the city's baseball team.