NHTSA has Tough Criteria for In-Vehicle DUI Devices

Monday, November 21, 2011

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is collaborating with industry to develop an in-car alcohol detection device that can be installed in vehicles to prevent drunk drivers from driving. The project has already resulted in the awarding of contracts to three companies. A Swedish manufacturer is in the process of developing a breath-based device, while a Japanese and a Mexican company are developing a touch-based device to detect alcohol in the driver.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has specific criteria about the kind of device that it will approve. The agency is looking for a device that will measure the amount of alcohol in a driver within one third of a second. The agency will also be looking for a device that is reliable, and doesn't require too much maintenance. Most importantly, the device must be able to perform well in all kinds of temperature, humidity and dust conditions.

If a device like this is designed and ultimately approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it would become an optional feature on many automobiles. Studies indicate that a device like this would be hugely popular among the motoring public.

Los Angeles DUI lawyers believe that a device like this would be a great aid to people who have had a few drinks, and don't know whether they are legally too drunk to drive. With an in-car device like this, finding out whether you're sober enough to drive could be as simple as breathing or touching a sensor inside the car. Los Angeles DUI attorneys believe that the device could become especially popular with some people, like college students and parents of teen drivers who want to monitor their children's driving.