Trooper Charged with DUI after Being Arrested Driving Patrol Car

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It has been a week of law enforcement officers being charged with DUI.  This week, a former Riverside Police Department chief in Riverside, California was charged after he crashed his car under the influence of alcohol.  Now, a police trooper in Colorado has been charged after he was caught driving drunk - wait for this – in his police uniform and driving his patrol car.

48-year-old trooper David Dolan was arrested just outside Denver, after several people called 911 to report that a police car was being driven erratically. Dolan was found to be driving under the influence. He was arrested, and then released after posting $1,000 bail. Dolan, a 21-year veteran of the Colorado State patrol, was charged with DUI and prohibited use of weapons. It is illegal in Colorado for an intoxicated person to be carrying firearms.

Dolan is currently in an alcohol treatment facility. It is apparently not the first time he has needed a facility like this. On an earlier occasion, according to one of his relatives, he had spent 2 ½ days in an alcohol treatment center. According to his family, Dolan suffers from post traumatic stress disorder brought on by working in the Colorado State Patrol's accident reconstruction team.

It is strange how quickly we begin hearing reasons for alcohol abuse when the offender in question, is a member of law enforcement. It's highly unlikely that a police trooper anywhere else in the country would pull over a motorist who had a blood alcohol level of .08% or even a fraction of a percentage more, and then proceed to ask him the reasons for his drinking. Dolan's job stresses or any other issues are unimportant here. As a uniformed member of his state’s law enforcement, Dolan had a duty to set an example for the motoring public, that he no doubt took pleasure in preaching to every day.

Chalk another one for the DUI cases that Los Angeles DUI lawyers will be monitoring very closely in the weeks ahead.