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Avoid a Suspended License in Los Angeles

Just glancing at a Los Angeles freeway shows how much Californians depend on driving. A valid driver’s license is a necessity of life in Southern California. The courts and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) both have authority to suspend your license, each regardless of the other’s actions. Few people can afford to lose their driver’s license and when one’s license is suspended, it is important to get it back as soon as possible. If your driver’s license has been suspended, or you are facing a driver’s license suspension, you should contact the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi immediately. Elena Mebtahi is a Los Angeles defense lawyer with experience handling the types of cases that may lead to the loss of a driver’s license, including those offenses not related to driving.

In California, a driver can lose their driver’s license without even getting behind the wheel. Failure to report an accident or failure to pay child support can both result in loss of driving privileges in California. With a suspended license, one may lose a job, have greater difficulty catching up on child support, and ultimately even end up in jail. Nearly two percent of jail inmates in the U.S. are locked up just for failure to pay child support.

California also suspends licenses for acts of vandalism or writing graffiti. While minors more often commit such offenses, the law applies to any age. Young drivers are, however, subject to some restrictions that do not apply to adults. For example, minors convicted of misdemeanors involving firearms may lose their driving privileges. This may include offenses such as possession of live ammunition or a concealable weapon.

The legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit of 0.08% for a DUI only applies to drivers 21 or older. California exercises a zero tolerance policy for younger drivers who drink and drive. Drivers under 21years old can automatically lose their license for a BAC of only 0.01%, essentially any detectable level of alcohol in the blood.

It is possible for drivers facing California DUI charges to have their driver’s license suspended by the DMV before the drunk driving case even goes to court. This is particularly true if one refuses a blood or breath test after being arrested for suspicion of DUI. California has an “implied consent” law. Simply by holding a driver’s license, one has impliedly agreed to submit to a blood or breath test and refusal of a blood test will result in a driver’s license suspension.

The most serious causes for license suspension are not surprising. Evading police officers, speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour, drag racing, and hit-and-run may all result in loss of driving privileges. Road rage or failure to appear in court can end with a suspended license. Even seemingly minor violations such as bouncing a check to the DMV or cell phone violations may ultimately result in a suspension.

The state also monitors the frequency of an individual’s traffic violations. California employs a strict point system. Minor infractions put one point on your license. Violations that are more serious collect two points. These points can remain on your driving record for 3 or 10 years, depending on their severity. Accruing four points within one year, six points in two years or eight points in three years can lead to a suspended driver’s license.

Most people depend on their driver’s license to commute to their employment. Those who hold commercial driver’s licenses or drive as part of their job depend on their driver’s license to earn a living. Los Angeles driver’s defense lawyer Elena Mebtahi understands how important your California driver’s license is and has the skill and experience to help restore or retain your driving privileges. If your driver’s license has been suspended, or you are facing suspension of your California driving privileges, contact the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi today for a free consultation.