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Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Los Angeles Drunk Driving LawyerElena Mebtahi is a Los Angeles DUI attorney, whose DUI defense practice is dedicated to the inexpensive representation of Los Angeles area residents who have been accused or charged with drunk driving.
Facing DUI charges in California is no laughing matter. The Golden State has some of the country's strictest laws against intoxicated driving, and a person who has been arrested or charged, can face a range of penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In California, penalties for driving under the influence can be severe even for a first-time DUI offense. These penalties can range from license suspension, fines, and community service, to prison time.

Why You Need a Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney

In the state of California, DUI defendants are normally charged with violating two different statutes. The first violation is driving while physically or mentally impaired by alcohol or drugs. The second statute involves having a .08% or greater blood alcohol content while driving.

If charged with a DUI offense in the Los Angeles or elsewhere in California, one can expect law enforcement officers to work together with prosecutors to build a solid drunken driving case. The police likely believe they have sufficient probable cause, evidence or technical data on which they have based the DUI arrest. This evidence can include field sobriety test results, breathalyzer readings, and blood alcohol test results. A successful DUI defense will depend on minimizing the credibility, accuracy and reliably of this evidence.

This is why it is so important for a Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer to have expertise not just in California DUI laws, but in the technical and medical aspects of a DUI defense. For instance, your Los Angeles DUI attorney must be thoroughly familiar with aspects of body chemistry and physiology that can impact your DUI case. The lawyer must have more than a working knowledge of infrared analysis, breathalyzer calibration and administration, and analysis of blood and urine samples. A successful DUI defense will require a combination of legal acumen and technical expertise.

Delays Can Derail Your Los Angeles DUI Defense

In California, if you have been charged with drunk driving, you have a period of just 10 days from the date of the arrest to request a DUI DMV Administrative Per Se hearing with the California DMV. It is important to get in touch with an affordable Los Angeles DUI attorney as quickly as possible, to begin the process of defending the DUI case.